Jonas Lewis-Anthony (Canterbury, UK)
Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Jonas loves nothing more than putting on a brand new pair of socks. He hates it when people put used tea bags in the sink.

(Beware the afternoon teatime)

Sacha Lansky (Geneva, Switzerland) 
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals 

Alexander hates it when people comment on his pedal board. He loves eating Nutella with a spoon. 

(He is kind after all)

Karl Tombak (Toronto, ON)
Bass Guitar

Karl loves dark jokes and has a list of very offensive band names. He hates St. Patrick's day.

(Green doesn't suit him) 

Liam Neale (Stowe, VT) 
Keys & Percussion 

Liam likes early morning drives. He hates the look of mayo. 

(His first instrument was the flute) 

Henry Lawrence (Grafton, VT)
Drums & Backing Vocals

Henry loves a cup of coffee outside on a crisp spring morning. He hates when static cling makes his clothing stick to his body.

Nicholas Lennox (Guelph, ON) 
Sax & Percussion 

Nicholas loves eating oranges in the shower. He hates anything with more than four legs. 

(He's cool with spiders though)