In 2018 the band stepped away from the DIY smash and grab approach. Hurry Up And Wait, almost feels like the debut single from The Wilderness. The song was carefully constructed, written and re-written over a few weeks.

Funny Fact:

The final edits to the lyrics happened in the early hours of the morning before the band went into the studio.

Hurry Up And Wait was produced by Chuck Beale (The Paupers) and by Scott Foley at Audio Valley Recording Studios, in Ottawa, ON.

Saxton's River was The Wilderness first LP and was released in May 2017. The record took almost 2 years from start to finish and took many different forms.

As DIY a project could get, Saxton's River began in a basement, dabbled with studio time, all guitars recorded in Liam's bedroom and the vocals were recoded in his closet.

Funny fact:

Jonas mixed and mastered the album on his laptop and it was completed at a Dunkin'Donuts in Scottsdale, AZ.

Sunday Afternoon was the first EP studio release from The Wilderness back in April 2015.

The band had only been playing together for 3 months when this EP came out.

It was recoded live off the floor at North of Princess Studios, in Kingston, ON.


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