American Rage clip directed by Justin Holland provides a cinematic backdrop to the Kingston sextet’s massive, mighty sound — a propulsive, potent fusion of indie-rock and heartland punk that powers this preview of their brand-spanking EP Seminary Road.”

— Tinnitist, by Darryl Sterdan


The Wilderness was born in 2015 from the words of Dick Proeneke, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, a bottle of Wild Turkey, and many late nights in a grimy basement rehearsal space. Through dedication and optimism, The Wilderness has completed the transformation from a few guys who enjoy playing music into a full time indie rock band. 

Comprised of lead singer Jonas Lewis-Anthony, keys and percussionist Liam Neale, saxophonist Nicholas Lennox, lead guitarist Sacha Lansky, drummer Henry Lawrence, and bassist Karl Tombak, The Wilderness are known among their local ranks as one of the hardest working bands around. 

While they may be based in Kingston, Ontario, their varying cultural backgrounds (the gents hail from corners of Canada, the UK, the USA, and Switzerland) adds a unique aspect to the musicality of their songs. Driven by bass, grounded by drums and uplifted by a tight marriage between leads, keys and sax, their music set tones of joy, nostalgia and sadness. 

In just over 3 years the band have performed nearly 400 shows across North America, have 3 studio recordings under their belts and are quickly gaining fans worldwide with early support from Tinnitist, That Eric Alper, Muse Magazine, Rock The Pigeon, CFRC, York Calling, the Kingston Herald, comeherefloyd, 98.9 The Drive, 96.3 BIG FM, and more. 

You can find The Wilderness on stages across the country, on street corners or asleep at a truck stop somewhere!

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