"Until Tomorrow" CD

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  • "Until Tomorrow" LP (2020) - CD

    Debut album from the Wilderness, recorded in Bath ON

    Includes 1x slip-cover CD & High-Quality Digital Download

    Track Listing

    Where I Roam
  • 02. The Silence
  • 03. Closer
  • 04. Graveyard
  • 05. Pick You Up
  • 06. Citalopram Blues
  • 07. You, the Ocean
  • 08. Fire and the Wolves
  • 09. If I Have to Die
  • 10. Twenty-Five
  • 11. Hurricane
  • 12. Settled Up
  • 13. You Look so Good When You Cry
  • BONUS TRACK: Fall (Despite What You Do)
  • BONUS TRACK: Virginia Sapphire

    All tracks written, arranged, and performed by the Wilderness, Tracks 1-13 produced by Rob Baker (the Tragically Hip) and engineered by Nyles Spencer at the Bathouse Studio (Bath, ON). Bonus tracks recorded at Terry Benn Studios (Newburgh, ON). All songs mixed and mastered by Terry Benn at Terry Benn Studios.


    Jonas Lewis-Anthony (Guitars & Vocals)
    Sacha Lansky (Guitars)
    Tonu Karl Tombak (Bass)
    Henry Lawrence (Drums)
    Nicholas Lennox (Saxophones, Vocals, Keys, & Percussion)
    Liam Neale (Keys & Percussion)