· By Jonas Lewis-Anthony

"Until Tomorrow" 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Hey y'all!

We're currently on a rest day in Calgary from our "If You Head West" tour, but we wanted to let you know "Until Tomorrow" turns two today! 🎉

Making this album was a dream for us, so we're celebrating by reflecting on the making of the album and looking forward to where we're going next.

Firstly, we wanted to leave you some links to Bobbi Shewchuk's "Making of Until Tomorrow" series. Bobbi was part of our film crew from 2019-2021 and she helped capture the process of putting our first record together.

You can watch the three part series here: (or on our Youtube Page)

Secondly, we're releasing the booklet we wrote about the making of the album to the public! We had this booklet pressed shortly before the release of the album back in 2020 and sold a limited run of 50 copies. If you haven't read it, this is like the extended liner notes to the album.

You can read it here, on our Patreon page, even if you're not a Patron! (If you're a subscriber, we're including a PDF download link too.)

Finally, we're sharing a new demo each week for the next three weeks on our Patreon page. These songs are studio-quality demos of songs that will be on our next full length record, and if you've seen us play recently, you'll probably recognize some of them. They are:

August 28th: "The Underpass"
September 4th: "Hollywood Boulevard"
Sept 11th: "Words Get In the Way"

All in all, this album was a huge step for us at an important time in our careers. While perhaps putting this album out in the middle of 2020 was a bit of a bold move, we're still so privileged to have been able to play this music for (and with) all of you. Thank you so much for sharing this time, this music, and the past two years with us as we've toured, played, and run with this little album as far as our van can drive us.


Nick, Jonas, Liam, Henry, and Karl (and probably Sacha too)