The Wilderness is a rock sextet based in Kingston, ON with the spirit of DIY road-dogs and the precision an arena-rock band. Their music has been called a "potent and propulsive indie-rock-fusion" which features driving guitars, lush vocal harmonies, soaring saxophones, and heavy synthesizers. With members from across Canada, the US, and the UK, the Wilderness bring a broad array of musical backgrounds to a shared experience that evokes a sense of community, camaraderie, and hope in the face of despair.


Since 2015, The Wilderness have been known as one of the hardest working bands around, cutting their teeth over long nights and thousands of kilometers. Having played almost 600 shows, independently releasing an album, three EPs, and nine singles, earning Indieweek 2019's Best Emerging Artist Award, and charting on the NACC's top 200 for seven consecutive weeks, the band is continuing to earn that moniker the old fashioned way; by climbing in their tour-van and playing wherever the road will take them.


Despite all odds, the Wilderness have been independently, recording, releasing music since the beginning. Their debut EP Seminary Road(2018) and the following singles, “Virginia Sapphire'' (2019), “Fall (Despite What You Do)” (2019) were the culmination of many nights long closing out clubs across Southern Ontario and hot days driving across the southern US. Their debut LP "​Until Tomorrow" (2020), featuring the singles ​“Pick You Up”​, “If I Have To Die”​ and ​“Graveyard” was recorded at the Bathouse Studio, produced by Rob Baker (the Tragically Hip), and performed at every possible opportunity despite the on-again-off-again nature of COVID touring. Their latest EP "No Surprise" (2023) was released exclusively on Patreon as an hommage to the band's early days and a thank-you to their dedicated community.

Contact Us

  • General Inquiries - Nicholas Lennox - info@thewildernessband.com
  • Booking - Liam Neale - booking@thewildernessband.com
  • PR, Press, & Radio - Nicole Morrison - pr@thewildernessband.com
  • Tech & Crew - Geoff Chown - tech@thewildernessband.com
  • Payments & Invoices - Jonas Lewis-Anthony - finance@thewildernessband.com