The Wilderness is the lifelong dream of six rock n' roll devotees based in Kingston, ON. Together, they bring the piss and vinegar of young DIY road-dogs, the lyrical eloquence of Canada's folk heroes, and the musical grandeur of your dad’s favourite arena-rock band to any stage they can find. Think the belting poetry of Sam Fender, the lush vocal harmonies of Hozier, the driving guitars and soaring saxophones of Bruce Springsteen, and the effervescent choruses of Noah Kahan, held together by an unmistakable bond of brotherhood and a shared love of rock n' roll. A musical tapestry of truest Canadian fashion, the Wilderness sounds like nostalgia, feels like camaraderie, and looks a lot like a band you should watch out for.

Since 2015, The Wilderness have been earning their following by cutting their teeth over countless long nights and hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Their debut album, “Until Tomorrow” was produced by Rob Baker (the Tragically Hip) and charted on the NACC’s top 200 list for seven consecutive weeks. Their forth coming 2024 LP, “Strangers I Used to Love” was written in collaboration with JUNO panelist Steve Foley, Brett Emmons (the Glorious Sons), and Chris Koster (ex-the Glorious Sons) and sits poised to take the band to new heights and highways. With over 600 independently booked shows across North America under their belt, and an independently released discography to their credit, the Wilderness are a formidable musical force and an unmistakably human band working hard to keep their dreams alive.


Jonas Lewis-Anthony -
Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Nicholas "Nick" Lennox - Saxophones, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, & percussion
Max Tinline - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Tõnu Karl Tombak - Bass, backing vocals
Liam Neale -
Keyboards, percussion
Hank Lawrence - Drums, backing vocals







General Inquiries - (Monitored by band & management)
Booking Inquiries & Show Advances - Liam Neale -
Management, PR, Press, & Radio- Nicole Morrison
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Note: The Wilderness is independently run, booked, and managed by members of the band and our superhero manager. We are all humans with day-jobs and we will write you back as promptly as possible. We are currently seeking a full-time booking agent, label support, and touring engagements. If this is you, please contact us; we would love to work with you.