The Wilderness is a sextet based in Kingston, ON that has a massive and mighty sound - a propulsive and potent indie-rock-fusion with the live energy of an arena-rock band, the lyrical eloquence of Canada's folk heroes, and the musical precision of a hardened touring outfit. Featuring driving guitars, lush vocal harmonies, soaring saxophones, and heavy synthesizers, the Wilderness bring their own diverse musical backgrounds to a shared experience that evokes a sense of community, camaraderie, and forward momentum.


Since the start, The Wilderness have been known as one of the hardest working bands around. To date, the Wilderness has played almost 600 shows, independently released one full-length record, three EPs, and nine singles, earned Indieweek 2019's Best Emerging Artist Award, and charted on the NACC's top 200 for seven consecutive weeks. Now more than ever, the Wilderness is continuing to earn that moniker the old fashioned way; by climbing in the tour-van and playing wherever the road will go.



Single (2022)

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Jonas Lewis-Anthony

Guitars & Lead Vocals

Nicholas Lennox

Saxophones, Vocals, Guitars, Keys, & Percussion

Tõnu Karl Tombak


Hank Lawrence

Drums & Vocals

Liam Neale

Keys & Percussion