"Strangers I Used to Love" Vinyl

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12" 140G vinyl record of our 2024 sophomore album "Strangers I Used to Love". You know, the one you've been waiting for since 2020

Available in standard black vinyl or translucent green. Translucent green vinyls are limited to 200 copies and will be signed and hand numbered.


Side A:

1. "Strangers I Used to Love"
2. "Hollywood Boulevard"
3. "Garden of England"
4. "Turn it Around"
5. "Words Get in the Way"

Side B:

6. "Somewhere Left Behind"
7. "Hold Back the Daybreak"
8. "The End of Highway 1"
9. "The Underpass"
10. "The Arboretum"

This is the best way to own a copy of our music. Buying this record pays the band the equivalent of 11,666 streams on Spotify, and the vinyl record becomes carbon neutral compared to streaming after six listens.

Orders will be shipped as soon as stock is received. Estimated shipping date is between April 1st and April 12th, 2024.